fenderingCalculus Boatworks supplies and fits the full range of Wilks fender profiles for use on boats, pontoons and docksides. The range is the largest in the UK and covers flexible PVC, rubber, rigid PVC and aluminium profiles with trims in PVC, aluminium and stainless steel.

Wilks profiles are fitted as original equipment by many boatbuilders and we can often supply profiles and inserts to match existing installations. We supply and fit to vessels in South East England. We also supply to customers to fit themselves and are always happy to give installation instructions and support by phone. Free delivery to addresses in South East England. Contact us to discuss your requirements and request a free sample. View our full range of marine fender profiles and installation methods in our guides section.

With their traditional range, Wilks have pioneered the use of recycled PVC for fender profiles and inserts and this material can be finished with a grained surface to match the Dek-King synthetic decking – a great combination! View our full traditional range at the back of the Dek-King brochure in our guides section.

View examples of our work in the Fendering gallery.